Luyện Anh Văn

VOA Special English
tieng anh giao tiep Luyện Anh Văn Giao Tiếp :
Lesson1: What are you doing?
Lesson 2: What did you do last night?
Lesson 3: What did you see?
Học tiếng anh qua bài hát Luyện anh văn qua bài hát :
Yesterday – The Beatles
Hotel California – The Eagles
Forever And One – Helloween

business_english Luyện anh văn với Business English :
Business English Lesson 1 – Pleased to Meet You
Business English Lesson 2 – Why don’t you join us?
Business English Lesson 3 – Getting Acquainted
VOA Agriculture Report Luyện anh văn với VOA Agriculture Report :
In the Garden: Getting Started With Roses
An American Cowboy Aims to Help Russia’s Beef Herd
Study Links Climate Change to Changes in Crop Yields

voa_economic_report Luyện anh văn với VOA Economic Report :
Investing in the Arab Spring
Who Should Be the Next Chief of the IMF?
Using the Internet and Social Media to Search for a Job

voa_general_report Luyện anh văn với VOA General Report :
What You Can Do to Help Bees
Radio-Controlled Hummingbird Represents a New Breed of Drone
An American Cowboy Aims to Help Russia’s Beef Herd

voa_education_report Luyện anh văn với VOA Education Report :
A School That Teaches Children to Eat Better
A Social Network Aims to Speed Up Progress in Science
A School Newspaper Links Sioux Indian Teens to Their Community
voa_technology_report Luyện anh văn với VOA Technology Report :
A Smartphone App for Eye Exams in Developing Countries
A False Sense of Security on the Internet?
How to Make Your Own Solar Water Heater

voa special english Luyện Anh Văn với VOA special English
efforless_english Luyện anh văn với Efforless English :
Effortless English: A Kiss
Effortless English: Bad Choices
Effortless English: Bubbas Food

mr_duncan Luyện anh văn giao tiếp với Mr Duncan :
Learning English: Lesson 1 – Introduction
Learning English: Lesson 2 – Accents
Learning English: Lesson 3 – Saying “Thank you”

tieng anh giao tiep vtv2 Luyện Anh Văn Giao Tiếp trên VTV2 :
Lesson 01 – Please to meet you
Lesson 02 – Enjoy your stay
Lesson 03 – What time is it?
picture_dictionary Luyện từ vựng với Picture Dictionary :
Colors and Shapes
The Body 1
Occupations 1

1000_tu_vung 1000 Từ Vựng Tiếng Anh Thông Dụng :
500 common nouns 1
500 common nouns 2
500 common nouns 3

word_by_word_dict Luyện từ vựng với Word by Word dictionary :
Personal infomation
Family member 1
Everyday activities 1
abc_grammar Luyện ngữ pháp với ABC Grammar :
Parts of Speech
Nouns and Articles
Verbs and Sentences

Grammar in use Luyện ngữ pháp với Grammar in use :
Unit1-Present continuous
UNIT 2 – Present Simple
UNIT 3 -Present Continuous and presernt simple (1)

common_mistakes Common Mistakes :
Common Mistakes in English – Lesson 1
Common Mistakes in English: Lesson 2
Common Mistakes in English: Lesson 3a

Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Cơ Bản Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Cơ Bản :
Level A test – Exam 1
Level A test – Exam 2
Level A test – Exam 3

ngu_phap_trung_cap Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Trung Cấp :
Level B test – Exam 1
Level B test – Exam 2
Level B test – Exam 3

Easy reading Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Cao Cấp :
Level C test – Exam 1
Level C test – Exam 2
Level C test – Exam 3

start_reading Start Reading :
Ziggy and the fly

Easy reading Luyện đọc tiếng anh với Easy Reading :
1. A Baby and a Sock
2. Birds and a Baby
3. A Cat and a Dog

Pre-Intermediate Reading Pre-Intermediate Reading :1. New to America
2. A Haircut
3. The Yardman

master spoken english Luyện Phát Âm với Master Spoken English
pronunciation_tips Luyện phát âm với Pronunciation Tips :
BBC English: Pronunciation Tips Introduction
BBC English: Pronunciation Tips Voicing
BBC English: Short Vowel Sound 01